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777 Training Tips – An App Guide for Running Training

January 17, 2020

Smartphones have made life easier in a number of ways, one of which includes tracking your fitness. If you’re just about to embark on a new training regime or are set to undertake a race in the next six months, a fitness training app can help you monitor your progress and goals in one easy-to-access place. Here are a few apps ranked from beginner to pro running levels to help get you started.


  • Couch to 5KGreat for new runners who are just getting started. The app takes you from a sedentary couch potato and transfers you into a runner.
    Cost: $2.99
  • RunKeeperThis is a straight forward and easy-to-use app that tracks your pace, distance, calories burnt and more. You can also discover new running routes through the app.
    Cost: Free
  • PacerSet on step-counting this app is a great launching point for those setting out on their running journey. Pacer works in the background and logs your activity throughout the day, giving you a better picture of your activity level.
    Cost: Free


  • MapMyRunThis app is perfect if you want to remember your best and favourite routes when running. You can store different runs according to their difficulty or avoid certain areas. Premium subscribers are also provided with a speed update as they run!Cost: Free or premium
  • StravaThis app is great for beginners and pros alike with in-depth GPS tracking and metrics available. It also shows you how you stack up against other runners on the same route. You can also send friends and other users’ messages after they’ve finished running to congratulate them.
    Cost: Free or premium subscription

The Pros

  • FitbitFor those that thrive on competition, this is the platform for you. Paired with a Fitbit tracker this app does everything most fitness tracker apps do (tracks distance, pace, step) whilst also enabling you to challenge other users to fitness competitions.
    Cost: Purchasing a Fitbit is required for this app, these come at varying costs
  • Nike + Run ClubThis is great app if you like having a virtual trainer. Guided runs feature professional runners like Eliud Kipchoge and Shalene Flanagen offering tips and inspiration. You can set yourself challenges and find running groups to join. This app is for those who are serious about running!
    Cost: Free or subscription


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