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Child Safe Organisations

Supporting the transition from compliance to leading practice

Child serving organisations across the country are faced with greater, more complex regulations and legislation as the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse are progressively adopted by states and territories.

We support organisations to better understand their compliance needs and implement strategies that not only meet compliance benchmarks but guide the organisation toward leading child safe practices.

Our experience spans decades and informs our work with organisations across many sectors, and allows us to tailor our approach to your needs.

Our approach takes a holistic view to child safety risks for any organisation that interacts with children and young people. It considers how your people, processes, systems and environments affect your risk exposure, and how you can enhance your child safe culture, no matter the size your organisation.

Our clients range from small, single-location organisations to large enterprises providing multiple services with significant workforces and operations across several jurisdictions.


The ChildProtect Program is a two-phase approach to that allows you to undertake the work at your preferred pace and agree a scope of work that suits your budget.

Phase 1 Outcomes

• Increased baseline level of knowledge about child safety
• Insights into the sentiments of your people
• Identified gaps in your core policies
• Action plan for phase 2

Phase 2 Outcomes 

• Deeper understanding of your broader policy framework relevant to child safety
• Stronger understanding of your people’s perceptions, knowledge, attitudes and beliefs about child safety
• Identification of existing and potential child safety risks across your operating systems, practices and environments.
• A recommendations report and prioritised plan to address your child safety risks