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School Fun Run

Bravehearts School Fun Run

Get your school involved in raising funds for child protection!

We are excited to launch a new way for schools to support the vital work of Bravehearts – The Bravehearts School Fun Run!

By raising funds for Bravehearts, your school is actively helping to protect Australia children and prevent child sexual assault and exploitation.

The Bravehearts School Fun will bring your school community together, inspiring fun and philanthropy. It’s SO EASY and it’s FREE! There’s no cost to your school at any time! We will provide you with all the support materials you need, and will support you every step of the way to ensure your Fun Run day is a success!

*Please note: the minimum number of participants needed to be eligible to have a Bravehearts Fun Run is 350 students* 

Simply ask us how when you register your interest by calling 07 5552 3000 or completing the form at the bottom of this page.


It’s super easy!
  • No cost to your school at any time
  • No products to buy, manage or sell
  • No coins to count
  • No spreadsheets to create
  • No door knocking – all funds raised online
  • Yes! You can have your School Fun Run on any school day of the year
  • Yes! You’ll be supported every step of the way
  • Yes! It will be easy – we supply all the materials you need
  • Yes! Prizes are ordered online by the families, not the school
  • Yes! It will be heaps of fun for your school community

here’s how it works
  1. Call 07 5552 3000 or complete the form below to register your interest in doing a Bravehearts School Fun Run.
  2. A representative will contact you to lock in your date and answer your questions.
  3. We send you support material 4 weeks prior to your scheduled Bravehearts Fun Run (including fundraising tips and prizes to be won).
  4. You hand out support material and promote Bravehearts’ child safety messages to your school community.
  5. Families help their kids fundraise online for Bravehearts.
  6. Families help their kids order online from a great selection of prizes based on the amount they’ve fundraised.
  7. Your school has an amazing Fun Run, fully supported and at no cost to the school.
  8. The school receives the pre-ordered prizes to be handed out to students prior to the end of the school year.


If your school is keen to support the work of Bravehearts and raise funds for child protection, all you have to do is call 07 5552 3000 or complete the form below to register your interest in doing a Bravehearts School Fun Run!

Expression of Interest: Bravehearts School Fun Run