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March 18, 2019

Jeanette and Aaron are passionate about the work they do for Bravehearts, travelling around our southern-most state teaching children personal safety skills as part of Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Show.

“Children and parents are so thankful when we visit their schools. Over the years, Ditto has received beautiful cards and pictures from the kids,” said Aaron and Jeanette.

“We often have teachers and support staff say they wished the program had been available in schools when they were younger.”

The team says the aspect of their work they enjoy most is seeing how much children and adults alike love Ditto, and that they are arming the children with the skills they need to keep safe.

“The smiles on their faces and their laughter as they participate in the program is so rewarding,” they said.

The most challenging part of the job, they say, is knowing the program is still needed in our society, as well as meeting parents who are survivors, and seeing children at potential risk.

“Knowing at times there are children in the audience at our shows that are at risk is challenging,” they said.

The team says they are constantly amazed at the funny things children say to them and the thought processes behind their questions.

“We often have children ask things like ‘how long has Ditto been a lion?’ Just last week we had a child offer to help Ditto learn to read and suggested he come back into class with them!”

Thank you to the Tasmanian Government, City of Hobart council, Launceston council, and the City of Launceston Lions Club for their grants, which support the Ditto Show being presented in schools and childcare centres across the state, and to Sharp Airlines, who sponsor the travel of our Tasmania Team.

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