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Counselling and Support

Support for adult survivors

Bravehearts can support adult survivors of child sexual assault in two ways.

Through our counselling service and case management services.

If you would like to speak with someone about getting counselling, contact our confidential SUPPORT SERVICE toll free on 1800 272 831 during the hours of 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday AEST (Please note hours vary on public holidays.)

CLICK HERE if you would like to disclose a childhood sexual assault through our Sexual Assault Disclosure Scheme (SADS).


As a survivor I had never disclosed to anyone. I was afraid no one would believe me. At 24 years old I still had these fears but even more powerful was the thought that he might still be hurting other kids just like he did me. I wondered too if I was the only one of my family he did this too. Then I heard about SADS. I felt a strong responsibility to report him, to see if others had done the same, to let the police know so the next kid might be believed, even if I wasn’t.  SADS gave me the tool to disclose the identity of this person anonymously and without the trauma of a police station. I know all I could do was tell someone so I did. I did it through SADS. Now he is in jail and my nieces are finally safe. Thank you Bravehearts. Jennifer, QLD