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#StepUp for a Safer Family Law System

November 7, 2018

Bravehearts is calling on all Aussies to get active for a safer family law system this International Children’s Day, 20th November 2018.

Australia’s family law system is dangerous. Our family courts, police and child protection departments ignore many children’s’ disclosures of violence and sexual assault, while judges often expose children to further harm by ordering them to spend time – or even live with – alleged perpetrators.

#StepUp for Kids is a great chance for everyone to stand up for a safer family law system for all Aussie kids, and we’d love you to put your weight behind this important issue.

About #StepUp for Kids

#StepUp will get adults and kids across Australia physically active for child safety. The event is very flexible, and your participation could take the form of any type of physical activity, at any time on International Children’s Day, wherever you happen to be.

Taking part is easy:

  1. Get active on International Children’s Day – 20th November 2018 – at any time of day, wherever you are.
  2. Wear something purple.
  3. Snap a selfie and post it with #StepUp in the comment.
  4. If you know a child who lives under family court orders that place them at risk, post a picture of their shoes with #StepUp, to help give them a voice.

Sign up to step up on Facebook: #StepUp.

Other ways to help

If you’re unavailable on 20th November, here are some other ways that you can raise awareness of the importance of keeping children safe in our family law system.

  1. Use #StepUp on social media.
  2. Share a photo of yourself getting active in purple, for use in our promotions leading up to the event.
  3. Speak out about the importance of protecting children from violence and sexual assault, anywhere.

Help us make the family law system safer for all Aussie kids this International Children’s Day! 

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