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Study seeks survivors who have been through the criminal justice process

April 6, 2018

Sexual Assault Disclosure Scheme

Are you a survivor who has been through the criminal justice process? We are seeking survivors for telephone interviews on community safety

We are interested in hearing what survivors of sexual abuse, including child sexual abuse and adult sexual assault, think about convicted sex offender reintegration into communities. To find this out, we are currently holding in-person or phone interviews with survivors. At this stage, we are specifically looking for those who have gone through the criminal justice process and where the offender was incarcerated.

Who are we?

Dr Kelly Richards and Dr Jodi Death are researchers with the School of Justice at Queensland University of Technology. We are working in partnership with Bravehearts, and other organisations, on a project funded by the Australian National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety (ANROWS). ANROWS is committed to improving the safety of women and children in communities. To do so, we are considering what happens when sex offenders are released from prison back into communities and how survivors’ needs could be best met.

What will I need to do?

You must be aged 18+ and identify as a survivor of sexual violence to take part. If you are interested, please email Dr Kelly Richards at We will email you back with some more information about the study and are also happy to call and speak with you about your participation. Your information will be kept confidential and no names or identifying information will be used in any subsequent reports or publications.

They will ask your views about survivors’ needs when offenders are released into the community. Your information will be kept confidential.

This project has Approval from QUT Ethics in Human Research Committee: approval number: 1600001093

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