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Bravehearts has sponsorship opportunities available for companies and businesses of all sizes. Sponsorship opportunities for your organisation range from event sponsorships; sponsoring a Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Show for a school or childcare centre; sponsoring counselling sessions for children; or sponsoring the pilot of a new program or service.

For a personal consultation on sponsorships to suit your organisation, please contact our Fundraising Team on (07) 5552 3000.

Your mission to stop child sexual assault in our society resonates with all Australians. All children should feel safe and protected.
– Julia Gillard, Former Prime Minister of Australia

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsor a Ditto Show!

Give the gift of personal safety.

Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Show is Bravehearts’ acclaimed  personal safety skills program, delivered to school children across the country.

Tailored for children aged from 3 to 8, this 40-minute live production teaches strategies and skills to stay safe in a range of situations from sexual assault to bullying. Education is one of Bravehearts ‘3 Piers to Prevention’, making our Ditto Show and related resources key tools  to preventing child sexual assault in our society.


Whilst Bravehearts works hard to keep the cost of the live show to schools to a minimum, there are still many schools, parents and carers who would like to participate in personal safety education programs for children in their care, but who are unable to afford it.

This is where you can help!

Your organisation can support the education of Aussie kids by sponsoring a live Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Show for a community in need. A tax-deductible donation of $300 will cover the cost of one show for one class of children. Your sponsorship will come with a letter of thanks and a certificate of recognition for your important contribution to the future of Australian children.

Click on the link below to make your sponsorship gift online today OR call our Head Office on (07) 5552 3000 and ask to speak to one of our friendly accounts team members if you would prefer to donate over the phone or should you wish to sponsor a show for a particular school.

sponsor a ditto show today!
Sponsor a Counselling Session

Help children affected by sexual assault.

Sponsoring a counselling session will help a child who has been impacted by sexual assault.

sponsorship counselling

Your organisation can help a child on the path to healing from the trauma they have experienced.

Bravehearts sets the standard in the provision of specialist therapeutic services and support to children and young people, adults and non-offending family members affected by child sexual assault.

By sponsoring a counselling session, your organisation will be directly supporting Australian children and their families.

I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have made me feel worthy again and have brought back the fight in me.

~ Bravehearts Counselling Client

You may choose to sponsor a counselling session online now. Alternatively, if you wish to sponsor a series of sessions or to explore other ways your organisation can support Bravehearts, please contact our Fundraising Team on (07) 5552 3000.

Sponsor a Counselling session NOW!