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Protect Little Lives through workplace giving

Workplace giving

TAKE ACTION TODAY to prevent child sexual assault and exploitation. support Bravehearts through Workplace Giving.

Workplace Giving is a proven way to bring a company’s values to life, build an engaged workforce, and enhance your brand, all the while making a positive contribution to society.*  For more information or to get a Workplace Giving kit sent to you, please contact our Partnerships Manager – Kylie Hewitt on 07 5552 3000 or email

How does it work?

Workplace Giving is extremely easy to set up, and simply involves employees making small, regular donations out of their pre-tax pay. Many companies choose to go a step further and enhance the impact of donations with dollar matching, workplace fundraising, and in-kind support.

What are the benefits?

Setting up a Workplace Giving program in support of Bravehearts will significantly benefit Australian children, your employees, and your company.

careBenefits for AUSSIE KIDS

~ Directly supports essential services such as Bravehearts’ child sexual assault and exploitation prevention programs, and counselling and crisis support for survivors and their families.

handsBenefits for YOUR EMPLOYEES

~ Effective and easy way for employees to help a worthy cause, whilst receiving immediate tax benefits on their take-home pay.

giveBenefits for YOUR COMPANY

~ More highly engaged and motivated employees, leading to increased productivity and improved staff retention.*

~ Helps build trust with your consumers and enhances brand reputation.**

~ Taps into the socially conscious consumer market.***

The impact your $26,000 could have
  • 2,167 school children could receive vital personal safety education through Bravehearts’ Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Show.
  • 173 child survivors could receive specialist counselling for sexual assault and exploitation-related trauma.
  • 346 families and survivors in crisis could be helped via our national support line.
Double the impact: If you match your employees’ donations, you could contribute $52,000 per year towards the prevention of child sexual assault and exploitation (based on 100 employees giving $5 per week)
I have young kids, and I’m proud to work for a company that supports the work of Bravehearts. I feel like [my employer] cares about my family, and the safety of the children in our community.
– Jane, 38, Workplace Giver

Why Partner with Bravehearts?

Bravehearts is the only child protection charity in Australia that is solely dedicated to holistically preventing the crime of child sexual assault and exploitation. No other charity in the country has done more to highlight the devastating effects of this crime, support survivors, and show the nation how together, we can prevent it.

Bravehearts is a trusted and respected charity partner

For more than 20 years, Bravehearts has been leading the way in child sexual assault and exploitation prevention in Australia. Our brand is highly respected in the general community, as well as within law enforcement, emergency services, education, community services, medical, and academic sectors. Partnering with Bravehearts means partnering with a charity you, your employees, and your customers can trust.

Bravehearts will demonstrate the positive impact you are having

Bravehearts understands that donors want to see the impact their contributions are making. To this end, we will provide you and your employees with annual Impact Reports that outline how your donations are working to protect Aussie kids.

Bravehearts will give back

Depending on the location of your company, and your level of support, we can send Bravehearts’ representatives to speak to your employees about the good work they are helping to fund, as well as provide free resources for staff around issues of child safety. We will also promote your company via our social media platforms, website, and e-newsletters, helping you to reach new audiences who are receptive to supporting the brands that support Bravehearts.


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