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Over the last 20 years Bravehearts has developed a comprehensive library of research material, tips and information.

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It’s never too early to sow the seeds of personal safety.

As parents, we need to teach our children 5 basic principles:

1)  To trust their feelings and to distinguish between ‘yes’ and ‘no’ feelings

2)  To say ‘no’ to adults if they feel unsafe and unsure

3)  That they own their own bodies

4)  That nothing is so yucky that they can’t tell someone about it

5)  That if they feel unsafe or unsure to run and tell someone they trust.

As parents and carers of children there are a number of key steps we can take to build resilience and protect our children against sexual harm:

Additionally there are some basic rules that we need to teach our children to keep them safe when they are not at home or with their parents.

Rules for younger children might include:

 Rules for teens might include:

 Don’t go out alone – there is safety in numbers

Here are some online specific tips:

There are some very basic tips you can share with your child:

You should NEVER:
You should ALWAYS:

Remember that people are not always as they seem online.

For more detailed information on Cyber Safety [CLICK HERE]