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early childhood teacher with children - training for educators

online training courses for educators 

Bravehearts offers nationally recognised child protection training for educators, carers and childcare professionals.

Our online training courses, developed by our specialist teams of social workers, psychologists, educators, and criminologists, are highly trusted and acclaimed by teachers, parents, and organisations nationally.

Bravehearts’ professional development will equip you with the knowledge, tools, and capacity to provide a child-safe environment for the children or young people in your classroom and care.

Explore our courses below and follow the links or go directly to our dedicated training website to explore all our available courses.

Child Protection for Early Years Educators 2021

Online Course I 1h - 1h30m

This course is tailored specifically for Early Years Educators with children aged 0-5 in their care. This essential child protection training contains information on what to look for and what to do when working with children who may be at risk or have been harmed.

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Introduction to Child Protection for Teachers 2021

Online Course I 3h - 3h30m

The Introduction to Child Protection course is the first in a series of eLearning modules to better equip educators with the knowledge and understanding to support children and young people in their care. Ideal for Primary and Secondary teachers, and all staff working within a school environment.

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Are you in NSW?
Professional Development hours for this course = 3
You can apply the PD hours on your NESA profile under “Elective PD”

Supporting Hands: An Introduction to Child Protection 2021

Online Course I 45m - 1h

Supporting Hands provides an introduction to the issue of child sexual assault and is suitable to those seeking to increase their awareness of the prevalence, impacts and causes of child sexual assault, such as parents, carers and family members.


Child Protection for Outside of School Hours Care (OSHC) 2021

Online Course I 1h - 1h30m

Tailored specifically for educators in Outside of School Hours Care, this course contains information on what to look for and what to do when working with children who may be at risk or have been harmed. It outlines your roles and responsibilities to identify and respond to every child at risk of abuse or neglect.

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CHCPRT001 - Identify and Respond to Children and Young People at Risk

You have 12 weeks to complete this Unit of Competency from the date of enrolment

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to work within legislative and policy frameworks and uphold the duty of care to support and protect children and young people who are at risk of harm.

The learning materials and assessment for this unit applies are contextualised to the early years learning and care sector and are suitable for those working in the sector or with children aged under 5 years. It may be suitable for those working in the out-of-school hours’ care sector.

This training relates to the ACECQA National Quality Standards (Quality Area 2) promoting children’s health and safety. The skills in this unit must be applied in accordance with Commonwealth and State/Territory legislation, Australian/New Zealand standards, and industry codes of practice.

Bravehearts provides this unit in collaboration with the PCYC Institute (RTO: 91340) who mark the assessments and are the issuer of the Statement of Attainment you will receive upon successful completion of this Unit of Competency.

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