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Training Packages

Sporting & Community Organisations

training packages for sporting & COMMUNITY organisations

More than 2 million children participate in organised sport and community groups annually in Australia. There is strong evidence to support participation in these activities leads to better physical and mental health as well as improving a child’s sense of social cohesion.

Members, coaches, mentors, officials, and parents have a duty of care to keep our children safe during recreational, elite or professional activities. Regular child protection training is essential to ensure your organisation and members are focused on child safety. Whether this is an annual refresher or part of the induction training, continued professional development in this sector is a service Bravehearts specialises in.

Australian sporting and community organisations have a unique opportunity to lead the sector by investing in tailored child protection training programs. We advocate for awareness-based training empowering our learners with not only knowledge but hands-on tools delivered in an engaging way.

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Thank you for your engaging and powerful presentation to our Rio 2016 Team Leaders. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and the delegates were genuinely pleased to have received this education and training.
– Fiona de Jong, CEO Australian Olympic Committee