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Education programs for Middle – upper primary students

Students in the middle to upper primary school years are navigating new and exciting challenges in terms of interpersonal relationships, social responsibility and emerging independence.

Bravehearts’ offers two professionally developed programs, designed specifically to support children in this age group as they learn about personal safety.

CyberEcho teaches students key strategies about staying safe online, covering everything from social networking through to protecting personal information and how to creative a positive digital footprint.

Ditto’s Deputies is a peer-support program, developed in response to feedback from schools that had engaged with Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Show and were seeking an equally effective program for older students.

Learn more about our programs for middle to upper primary years below:


Complete Cyber-safety Program

Accredited by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner, developed in partnership with Google Australia, The Australian Federal Police and aligned to the Australian National Curriculum, CyberEcho is the leading education program in the country for the teaching of cyber-safety.


CyberEcho has been designed to be compatible across multiple devices, incorporating lessons both offline and online in a learning management system that allows for teacher directed, interactive activities and online assessment that is individually managed by the classroom teacher.

workbook-f-whiteThe slogan, ‘What you share will always be there’ underpins the program and each lesson teaches children key strategies to help keep them safe online. CyberEcho aims to raise awareness of online safety issues as well as building and reinforcing skills, attitudes and behavioural traits for positive online interaction by addressing online relationships verses real life relationships, social networking, online grooming, protecting personal information, mechanisms for reporting, communicating positively online and creating a positive digital footprint.


CyberEcho is a blended learning program for children aged 9-12 and has been piloted in 6 schools nationally. The Australian National Curriculum and teacher and student feedback, together with feedback from the Australian Federal Police, helped inform the content of the program.

LEARN MORE about the program by visiting the CYBERECHO WEBSITE.

CyberEcho Module 1
CyberEcho Module 1
CyberEcho aims to educate young people around the positive and exciting potential of the online world, as well as the dangers of cyber communication, and to provide them with the skills and strategies to help them LEARN, INTERACT and COMMUNICATE safely while on-line.

Incorporating lessons both offline and online allows for teacher facilitated, interactive activities and assessment that is individually managed by the schools and teachers.
Your Circle of Friends Teacher Workbook
Your Circle of Friends Teacher Workbook
This is a teacher workbook that includes lesson plans, support notes, assessment, reference posters and student printable worksheets. All the content has been aligned to the Australian National Curriculum and provides cyber safety reporting details and support contacts.

The Your Circle of Friends workbook explores and identifies different types of relationships, networks of online contacts, personal boundaries, the details and contents of personal information and safe sharing tips.
CyberEcho Posters
CyberEcho Posters
CyberEcho posters to display cyber safety messages in your classroom.
I am in awe of what you have achieved and your unrelenting passion. Every parent in Australia will owe you a great debt when your job is done
– Parent – Liz, Camp Hill Queensland


Educational Buddy Program
Ditto’s Deputies

Ditto’s Deputies is Bravehearts’ buddy program for Years 4 – 6. Created in response to consistently positive feedback from schools following Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Show, this program is an equally effective program for older students.

Currently being piloted in Australian schools, Ditto’s Deputies is aligned to the Australian ‘Physical & Health Education’ National Curriculum and the General Capabilities ‘Personal & Social’ Continuum.

Ditto’s Deputies builds on and reinforces the key messages from Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Show, and building upon these to achieve the following five key learning objectives:

  • Differentiation between ‘yes’ and ‘no’ feelings.
  • Recognition of ‘warning signs’.
  • Identification of ‘private parts’ and body ownership.
  • Identification of language and feelings associated with secrets.
  • Action children should take if they feel unsafe or unsure.

How does Ditto’s Deputies work?

Ditto’s Deputies involves Years 4  – 6 students buddying up with their Prep and Year 1 peers.

Younger students that have participated in Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Show are assigned an older student to work with to follow up on key messages and continue learning.

Not only are cubs continuing with vital personal safety education, they also establish and receive the positive benefits of a peer relationship with their Deputy, while the Deputies practice leadership skills and at the same time their understanding of personal safety is strengthened and consolidated through teaching of the skills and concepts to their cubs.

To find our more about the program please call our Education Team on 07 5552 3000. Alternatively complete the Expression of Interest form below.

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