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Executive Research Advisory Panel

Bravehearts’ Executive Research Advisory Panel works tirelessly towards advancing knowledge and research into matters relating to child sexual assault and its impacts on survivors and non-offending family members.

We are proud of the diversity of the Executive Research Advisory Panel, both in the range of disciplines of its members as well as in the differing views represented.

The Bravehearts Executive Research Advisory Panel is committed to sharing their knowledge and working together to effectively respond to and ultimately prevent child sexual assault in our society.


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Our Panel

  • Dr Jenine Beekhuyzen (Founder and CEO of Tech Girls Movement)
  • Peter Bickford (Barrister)
  • Francesca Brown (Child and Youth Forensic Outreach Services, Children’s Health Queensland)
  • Professor Leonie Callaway (Centre for Clinical Research, Faculty of Medicine, University of Queensland)
  • Associate Professor Annie Cossins (Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales)
  • Barbara Cox (Sequel Communications)
  • Philip Crawford (Henry Davis York Lawyers)
  • Dr Larissa Christensen (School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Griffith University)
  • Dr Melissa Curley (Political Science and International Studies, University of Queensland)
  • Dr Jodi Death (School of Justice, Queensland University of Technology)
  • Joseph Di Gregorio (Office of the e-Safety Commissioner)
  • Associate Professor Michael Flood (ARC Future Fellow, Faculty of Law, Queensland University of Technology)
  • Dr Terry Goldsworthy (Faculty of Society and Design, Bond University)
  • Dr Margaret Hardy (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta USA)
  • Professor Daryl Higgins (Institute of Child Protection Studies, Australian Catholic University)
  • Professor Mark Kebbell (School of Applied Psychology, Griffith University)
  • Greg Layton (Neurosport)
  • Dr Ben Mathews (Faculty of Law, Queensland University of Technology)
  • Professor Paul Mazerolle (Violence Research and Prevention Program, Griffith University)
  • Associate Professor Kieran McCartan (Health and Social Sciences, University of the West of England)
  • Dr Elspeth McInnes (School of Education, University of South Australia)
  • Dr Nadine McKillop (University of the Sunshine Coast)
  • Jillian Milford-Burgess (Henry Davis York Lawyers)
  • Anthony Pillion (Webshield)
  • Associate Professor Aileen Pidgeon (Faculty of Society and Design, Bond University)
  • Dr Kelly Richards (School of Justice, Queensland University of Technology)
  • Professor Boni Robertson (Office of Indigenous Community Engagement, Policy and Partnerships, Griffith University)
  • Detective Inspector Jon Rouse (Taskforce Argos, Queensland Police Service)
  • Tracey Ryan (Lawyer)
  • Damian Scattini (Partner at Quinn Emanuel Trial Lawyers)
  • Professor Caroline Taylor (Founder and Chair at Children of Phoenix Organisation)
  • Lucy Thomas (Co-Founder/Co-CEO, Project Rockit)
  • Rosie Thomas (Co-Founder/Co-CEO, Project Rockit)
  • Dr Kerryann Walsh (Faculty of Education, Queensland University of Technology)