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personal safety education programs

Bravehearts is the leader in personal safety education in Australia, offering a range of programs targeted at children from Early Years right through to high school. Our programs are professionally developed according to the learning needs of each specific age group and are highly trusted and acclaimed by teachers and parents nationwide.

Empowering children with personal safety skills is only one part of providing a child-safe environment for the students in your care. Teachers, educators, parents and non-teaching staff must also be trained in child protection in order for your school community to meet best practice.

In addition to our child-focused education programs, Bravehearts offers a range of professional development courses for educators. These courses have been endorsed by the NSW Education Standards Authority, and contribute towards their professional development requirements.




Personal safety education for Early Years and lower primary.


Bravehearts’ cybersafety program for grades 3 – 6.


Bravehearts’ workshop for high schools, focusing on safety, consent and respectful relationships for young people.


Explore our educational resources for the teaching of personal safety to children.

When I was 8, Bravehearts came to my school and talked about which people are allowed to see and touch your body, and which people are not. This made me tell my mum about being sexually assaulted a couple weeks prior. This is an amazing service.
Anonymous feedback via Bravehearts' online feedback form, 2019