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Report A Sexual Assault


Reporting sexual assault experienced as a child is confronting and often very difficult for survivors. Bravehearts understands that many survivors need to feel believed and/or the validation of others to gain the strength to disclose and to heal from the trauma they have experienced.

Whilst there may be many challenges in the identification and reporting of disclosures of child sex offenders and offences, the first step is always to report the abuse.

Bravehearts’ Sexual Assault Disclosure Scheme (SADS) provides survivors of child sexual assault an official, non-threatening means to disclose their experiences to the police. SADS provides a reporting avenue that does not require a detailed statement, or direct police contact, until such time as the survivor is ready to proceed. The Sexual Assault Disclosure Scheme was developed to overcome these barriers and assist survivors in their disclosure to police in a safe and non-confronting way. To report a sexual assault, please click the button below. If you are in immediate danger, please call 000.

report a sexual assault

Bravehearts actively supports survivors of child sexual assault in navigating the disclosure process through our support services for adult survivors.


The Internet has, unfortunately, become a space where sex offenders often try to target young people. You might think what happened was no big deal, that police can’t do anything or you might not want to get involved with the police, but sometimes the info you have is just one piece of a bigger picture and can help to protect other children as well as you.

If you or your child have experienced or witnessed concerning behaviour online, we encourage you to help ‘join the dots’ by reporting these behaviours and incidences. You can choose to remain anonymous, however, Join the Dots is a safe space for you to share your experiences. Join the Dots has been created in collaboration with Task Force Argos, Queensland Police.

If you are in immediate danger, please call 000.

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