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Your health and well-being is our top priority, so we encourage you to follow the latest government health advice.

There are still many ways to support Bravehearts during this time and we’ve put together some ideas and tips below to help you.

Our fundraising team is here to help, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch on or call us on 07 5552 3000.

safe fundraising ideas during COVID-19 
  • Facebook fundraiser – Create a fundraiser for Bravehearts, encouraging your friends to support a great cause.
  • Virtual Happy Hour – Organise a virtual Happy Hour online via Zoom, Facetime or Houseparty etc. and ask people to donate to join in with you. 
  • Virtual Quiz night – Organise a virtual quiz night online via Zoom, Facetime or Houseparty. Ask people to donate to join in with you and you could organise a prize for the winner. 
  • Virtual Treadmill challenge – Set a challenge to run on a treadmill e.g. 10 km every day for 30 days.  
  • Virtual Dinner Party – Organise a virtual dinner party online via Zoom, Facetime or Houseparty and ask people to donate to join in with you.
  • Kick a bad Habit – Give up a bad habit and ask people to sponsor you. 
  • Donations instead of gifts – On a special occasion, instead of a gift ask for a donation instead.
  • A Readathon – Get sponsors to pledge to pay a certain amount per book read, then read as many books as possible within a time-frame then reveal how many books you read and collecmoney from sponsors. 
  • Something with your hair – Shave, cut or colour your hair and get sponsors to support you. 
  • Physical challenge – For every $10 commit to a challenge e.g. Climbing a flight of stairs or number of push ups, planks.


  1. Come up with your fundraising activity 
  2. Register your fundraiser online
  3. Our friendly team will be in contact with you to assist with your fundraising activity 
  4. Personalise your fundraising page 
  5. Share your fundraising page with your friends and family 
  6. Start planning your fundraising activity 
  7. Invite friends 
  8. Have a great fundraiser
  9. Donate any left-over money to your fundraising page 


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Getting involved by donating or raising awareness is so simple, yet will make such a big difference to the support services that Bravehearts provides.