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Turning Corners provides a comprehensive and integrated response to working with young people (12 years to under 18 years of age) who have engaged in, or are at risk of engaging in, harmful sexual behaviour.

Research has shown a wide variety of reasons why young people engage in these behaviours (ranging from curiosity to previous trauma). Turning Corners is unique in that our clients do not need to be currently engaged in the juvenile justice system and the program has a strong focus on early intervention and improved outcomes for the young person, their family, and the community.

Turning Corners draws on the young person’s strengths and resources in their community

Treatment modalities within the program include:

  • Individual counselling
  • Family counselling
  • Eco-systemic interventions (involving other support systems i.e schools, youth justice, etc.)
  • Group work (optional)
  • Environmental risk assessments
  • Assessments for external agencies (including court reports and assessments)

Turning Corners incorporates five essential components of treatment:

  • community safety
  • addressing harm caused
  • preventing further harm
  • promoting well-being, and
  • education.

“Early intervention is key to making meaningful changes and growth in a young person’s life. Turning Corners allows Bravehearts to offer a holistic approach to preventing child sexual assault in our society. This includes providing education and therapeutic support to young people who have or are at risk of engaging in harmful sexual behaviour. We must address the whole cycle of assault if we are truly going to prevent child sexual assault from occurring in Australia”.

— Hetty Johnston AM, Founder of Bravehearts

Accessing our service

Turning Corners welcomes referrals from external support agencies, parents or self-referral by a young person. Referral forms can be DOWNLOADED BELOW, or alternatively, we can fax or email one to you upon request by phoning 1800 272 831.

Bravehearts also accepts all suitable referrals from parents, carers, Youth Justice, Child Safety Services, Queensland Police, schools, general practitioners, and other agencies.

Referrals can be made over the phone by contacting our central Information and Support Line on 1800 272 831 (freecall). Our trained staff is available between the hours of 8.30 am and 4.30 pm Monday to Friday to discuss eligibility and the referral process. Alternatively, you may email our Information and Support Team via

Referral forms 

General Agency Referral Form

Self Referral Form

Youth Justice Referral Form

If you have any inquiries about Turning Corners, please do not hesitate to contact us: freecall 1800 272 831.

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