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Bravehearts’ e-Health

Bravehearts is proud to offer counselling and survivor support services via our e-Health platform.

Specifically designed for the provision of therapeutic and support services, Bravehearts’ e-Health is a simple, confidential and easy to use web-based platform that requires no software downloads to begin using the service.

The provision of therapeutic and support services through this online portal is vital in boosting the accessibility of Bravehearts’ services to rural and remote communities as well as to those unable to attend a Bravehearts’ office. Our e-Health services are completely confidential and provide discretion and convenience to our clients whilst they receive the support they need.

To register for Bravehearts’ e-Health services, please contact our Information and Support Line on 1800 272 831 or complete our ONLINE REFERRAL FORM. You can also DOWNLOAD OUR ONLINE SERVICES BROCHURE HERE.

To access your session, please click the button below and follow the log-in prompts.