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June 14, 2019

Claude ‘Mowerman’ Harvey is a real-life superhero for Australian kids spending his retirement trekking nationwide spreading awareness of child safety and raising funds for Australia’s leading child protection organisation, Bravehearts.

This June, 74-year-old Mr Harvey will embark on an epic Queensland tour, commencing on Monday, June 17 in Toowoomba and finishing over 1,400kms and 38 days later on Wednesday, July 24 in Mackay, contributing to his goal of raising $2 million for the charity by 2022.

Fresh from his South Australian 27-day tour, Mr Harvey has previously travelled thousands of kilometres throughout New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia and has raised a staggering $1.2 million to help Bravehearts protect Australian kids.

On the month-long trip, Mr Harvey will pound the pavement, visiting 21 Queensland regional towns such as Gatton, Toogoolawah, Nanango, Mundubera, Blackwater, Capella, Dysart, Nebo,  Mackay, and more spreading his message of the importance of child protection in Queensland communities.

While most Australians his age have their feet up, enjoying their well-deserved twilight years, Mr Harvey says he is happy to be able to contribute to the community through awareness and fundraising.

“Although fundraising is a big part of my tours, raising awareness of this horrendous crime among as many communities as possible to help prevent child sexual assault, is my primary mission,” says Mr Harvey.

“The Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Show stays in kids hearts and I’m very excited about my upcoming tour and having the opportunity to talk with people about Ditto and how communities can help protect their children including supporting the wonderful work of Bravehearts,

“If I can save just one child from this crime that harms 1 in 5 Australian children, I will have achieved what I’ve set out to do.”

Renowned throughout Australia and with a following of admiring fans, Mr Harvey is sure to draw a crowd in each of the towns he visits as locals pour out onto the streets to see the man himself, and his trusty mower.

While in each town on his tour, Mr Harvey will visit with community leaders, visit shopping centres and talk with locals that cross his path while inspiring donations from those with a few dollars to spare.

Bravehearts founder Hetty Johnston AM says Bravehearts is fortunate to have the support of such an avid contributor like Mr Harvey.

“Claude has made and continues to make an extraordinary contribution to child protection in Australia, with every dollar raised devoted to Bravehearts’ child protection programs,” says Ms Johnston.

“For more than 12 years Claude has dedicated his twilight years to Bravehearts’ and child protection and we are forever grateful for his remarkable contribution.

“We hope everyone will welcome Claude – Our true blue Super Hero and a national living treasure as he continues to give his all to support Bravehearts in our Mission to make Australia the safest place in the world to raise a child.”

Bravehearts provides world-class child protection training and education initiatives; specialist child sexual assault counselling and support services; as well as research and reform campaigns to work holistically to prevent child sexual assault in our society.


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