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Gold Coast hero sets new challenge to protect kids

March 19, 2020

Damien Williams is a husband, father and multi-sport endurance athlete, who doesn’t let the fact that he is blind stop him from taking on a challenge. In what will be a remarkable feat of endurance, Damien will row 100km on a Concept II rowing machine in 10 hours, in support of Bravehearts.

Damien lost sight in his left eye during an accident at the age of 13. Unbelievably, when he was 27 he lost the sight in his other eye after a golf ball struck him on the 18th hole at Sanctuary Cove.

“I do not let the fact I am blind stop me from being an athlete and doing the things I want to do and when I can combine it with my passion for child protection, it makes me even more determined to do the unthinkable,” said Damien.

“Being blind is nothing compared to the pain these children (survivors) feel.”

Damien has been a long-time supporter of Bravehearts, having participated in the first 777 Marathon, completing seven marathons in seven states in seven days, raising $12,500.

He also competed in Bravehearts’ Time Trial (a grueling Samford Valley course), which featured many elements of professional cycling including ramp start, motorcycle cameras and timing gates.

Damien has successfully raised money for various charities over the years by taking on many incredible challenges including a triathlon, boxing and 100km run, and is currently undertaking the challenge to do 100,000 push up and sit-ups in 2020.

Damien will take on his Bravehearts rowing challenge on Saturday 28th March 2020, centre stage in the Broadbeach Mall, Gold Coast, between 7am and 7pm.

Damien has seconded a number of prizes for those who support him on the day. Entry is by donation to Bravehearts.

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