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November 17, 2021

As part of Community and Philanthropy Partnerships Week in Australia this week, Bravehearts would like to recognise the impact of important partnerships that are powering our vital work.

One of these partnerships is that which we have with Hand Heart Pocket the Charity of the Freemasons Queensland, who have been essential in helping Bravehearts to expand our Turning Corners program.

Bravehearts Turning Corners program is an early intervention program built on the understanding that young people engage in harmful sexual behaviours for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from curiosity to previous trauma.

The program provides an alternative pathway that allows young people (12 to 17 years) who have engaged in, or are at risk of engaging in, harmful sexual behaviour to receive support earlier, change their behaviour, avoid contact with the criminal justice system, and above all, prevent other children and young people being harmed.

This year, thanks to a gift of $790,000 from Hand Heart Pocket the Charity of Freemasons Queensland over two years, Bravehearts was able to expand the reach of Turning Corners by boosting our team to three full-time clinicians. We were also able to provide free support to 56 young people and their families across Southeast Queensland, Wide Bay, Darling Downs and further west, as well as through outreach capabilities via eHealth across Queensland.

Bravehearts Director of Therapeutic and Support Services, Dr Deirdre Thompson, said Hand Heart Pocket’s support was two-fold – it has enabled more young people to access vital early intervention support and has also allowed Bravehearts to advocate for further funding by demonstrating the positive outcomes achieved through early intervention.

“We are continually looking at what it takes to reduce the incidence of child sexual abuse, and The Turning Corners program pilot provided a lot of insight about early intervention around behaviours that are very complex in nature. Hand Heart Pocket’s support is enabling us to further test and formally evaluate the program,” Dr Thompson said.

Hand Heart Pocket Chief Executive Officer Sara Parrott said their purpose is to partner for change for people in need and in particular, young people facing hardship and vulnerability.

“Hand Heart Pocket is proud to partner with Bravehearts,” Ms Parrott said.

“By working in collaboration with community organisations and other funders we can help to create real change for young people to turn their lives around,” she said.

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