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Bravehearts launches special end-of-year offer on Ditto show for Gold Coast schools

November 12, 2019

Ditto the lion cub mascot with school children

What is Australia’s longest-running, most trusted, effective and fun personal safety program for children?

Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Show!

Aligned with the Australian National Curriculum, this fully evaluated live education show uses age-appropriate language and fun, interactive song to teach children about personal safety and body ownership.

Bravehearts has been delivering Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Show for over a decade and has now reached more than 1 million Australian children, empowering them with personal safety skills for life.

Delivered by experienced facilitators, and starring Bravehearts’ mascot ‘Ditto’ the lion cub, the 30-40 minute show is aimed at children in Prep to Grade 3. Independent evaluation of the Ditto Show suggests the principles of personal safety embedded in the program can help to increase resilience, and reduce the risk of child sexual assault, as well as other forms of abuse including family violence and bullying.

But don’t just take our word for it! Read on below to check out some of the great feedback we get from teachers and parents who see the Ditto show.


Take advantage of our Gold coast schools offer!

Did you know that Bravehearts’ National Head Office, is on the Gold Coast and Bravehearts is currently offering Gold Coast schools a special on the Ditto show?

Only $450 for the show (for up to 100 children). All you need to do is book before the end of term! 



If you would like to take advantage of our local Gold Coast schools offer or need more information about booking a Ditto show, phone 0491 221 344, email and mention this special Gold Coast local’s offer.



“The Ditto show was very engaging and informative. As a parent it gave me tips on how to start the conversation with my daughter and I now feel confident in answering questions that she might have.” – Parent

“Ditto provides us with a common language to discuss child protection with our children. The support materials are well presented and incorporate key phrases. The character Ditto encourages high engagement with the content of the show. Thank you from our kids.” – Teacher

“The work you do for children is very valuable and important. It is so worthwhile to attend your show, the content is pitched perfectly to the young audience. The children love ditto. Your message of safety is getting to small children in an engaging way.” – Teacher

“Engaging, well presented, interactive and moves at a good pace. An important message and teaching tool relayed in an age appropriate manner. Well balanced program covers the issue very well.” – School Chaplain

“Initially we had reservations about others teaching our 4 year old about such a sensitive topic, however both my husband and myself were really pleased with the show. Very fun, non-confrontational for young children and a fantastic program for children to attend. Very well done.” – Parent

“I really enjoyed the show and appreciated the language that was suggested to use when feeling uncomfortable/unsafe for students. I feel this will allow me in the future to connect with the students on an age appropriate and meaningful level. A great way to address child protection.” – Teacher

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